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    Expert Repairs

    Southern Cross specialize in fast, expert repair of gas turbine and auxiliary components. Emergancy matching and all SU and specialty valve work.

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    Technical Services

    We can provide a variety of technical services including metallurgical analysis, root cause analysis, high-energy system evaluations, emissions controls, and many more engineering solutions or requirements.

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    Power Solutions

    We provide fast-track, turnkey power solutions on time and on budget with our proven processes and experience. Our knowledge of operations & maintenance, of both conventional power house, gas turbine technologies, and auxiliary equipment, are instrumental in maintaining a facility from project development and design throughout all life cycles of your asset.

Our Services

Our team is dedicated to providing quality support for all rotating equipment and propulsion systems and components in a variety of energy/utility sector services. We provide component repair, engineering, operations & maintenance, production, and EPC services for all plant systems and auxiliary equipment.

What We Do?

Our teams' reputation is founded on over 60 years of successfully administrating even the most challenging engagements for our clients in almost all OEM lines, offering a broad range of integrated services. We remain focused on safely delivering superior services to our diverse base of customers in all aspects of our business.


We strive to be at our best daily while pursuing all our endeavors to satisfactorily meet our goals. We are committed to conduct all our operations in a safe and environmentally responsible manner while providing the highest quality services and deliverables.

Southern Cross Environmental Services Inc.

We offer expert services in all facets of power plant, rotating equipment, and propulsion systems including EPCM, Operations & Maintenance, Engineering, Rotating Equipment, and Power Plant Solutions. We have been successfully servicing utilities, co-ops, energy merchants, and IPP's with both on and off site support with over 60 years experience in combined cycle, simple cycle, package boilers, and propulsion systems and components.

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Offices & Shops in NYC & Florida
Telephone: (718) 614-8385
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E-mail: jfv@scenser.com